Wednesday, August 21, 2013


2013 July Mosaic

:: lots of orange highlighter on the calendar (days in Perth)
:: my first time in an operating theatre
:: fluffy mail (our first woven wrap)
:: cutting off the TV and iPad for the wee man after a massive meltdown
:: Alt J concert
:: our first chooks
:: new roof on the bowling club
:: slab down for the shed

Winter has been good this year. The farmers in our pocket of the wheatbelt have had good rains, and I have not felt the cold like I did last year, which is funny since I was pregnant then and I thought that was supposed to give you an extra degree or two. No snow jacket inside for me this year! Hope you've managed to stay warm.



  1. It is really good news from your neck of the woods. Looks like the new computer is not too much of a hassle. Love from Me

  2. I love the photo of that toadstool!

    I hear this weekend has been quite lovely weather, hope you are enjoying a bit of sunshine.