Monday, October 10, 2011

The Weekend

Fantastic is my word of the moment, and that is how I would describe our weekend, starting with a fantastic Friday.

Charlie likes to pull mandarins off the tree and eat them skin and all, a messy affair, so I took his shirt off. Then he walked across the road to see what our neighbour was doing in her front garden. Here he is looking like a mini tradey pushing her wheelbarrow around.

My Mum and neices arrived at lunch and the Mr had a friend come and stay for the weekend too. I love having visitors! We spotted a Mulberry tree in a vacant lot when we walked to the shops. The little ones wanted to raid it then and there, we convinced them it would be better if we had our old clothes on.


Saturday night was a bit of an experiment. We went out to a BBQ poker night and left Charlie at home with Grandma. Last time we had him babysat (not by Grandma) we got an hour before we got the phone call, this time four, but we didn't run home. Grandma was still up with him when we got home after midnight. The wee man was happy enough, but certainly not going to sleep.



And on Sunday we put on our old clothes and went Mulberry picking!


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  1. Nothing quite makes a mess like mulberries! (Such a cute face to stain though)