Friday, October 14, 2011

Mulberry Crumble Cake


The Mr liked this one, so I'm posting it here so I can find the recipe again. Maybe today I'll make a pie to use the rest of the mulberries. I need a good pastry recipe. And then I need to make it and make it so I get better at it.


oh, and here are the links to the other recipes I found but haven't tried yet...
mulberry pie
david and dawn's mulberry pie mulberry pie


  1. Our mulberry tree has just started to fruit. If I can keep the kids and the birds away long enough I will definitely give this delicous looking recipe a go! Thank you.

  2. This was sooo delicious Margret, I loved it. Thank you, it was a lovely party you had. Heres to a great year ahead for you. Veronica xx

  3. Marj,

    FYI...little bro has just received the dough hook attachment for Mum's Kenwick Mixmaster!

    Looking forward to pumping out some Mexican bread-based goodies, but I will keep you posted.

    Much love and enjoying your blog (congrats on your photography awards at the Show)

    Your bro.


  4. Hello,
    Looks good I am going to try this recipe for a family gathering that I am going to have. Can't wait :)