Monday, October 3, 2011

The Weekend


This weekend I enjoyed more scones, this time at the Anglican Ladie's Devonshire Morning Tea in a garden in the next street over.


Sunday I planted out the rest of my vege seedlings and we spent the afternoon at a Memorial Open Day at the Tennis Club in a neighboring town. It used to be a town, now it's just a hotel, a couple of houses and a fabulous tennis club. Oh, plus a wheat bin.


The weather started out quite warm but we ended up getting washed out with a summer storm. I am so looking forward to summer storms here and the accompanying lightening shows. That is one of the benefits of not living in a built up area, you can really watch the weather come in. Especially when the terrain is as flat as it is here!


The Mr has been keen for us to 'do' something together for some time. None of our interests really match up, but the tennis looked like it could be my cup of tea, quite laid back and not serious, so... we've found an activity we can do together! It will be our social Sunday.


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