Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Less Screens For The Win

On the eve of term 2 I can happily report that the school holidays have been a massive success. And by crikey I needed a win. Just reading back over my last two blog posts reminded me how awful I was feeling. The screen restriction has been a breeze and a gift. I actually feel like I've gotten my kids back. They have by no means turned in to angels that never bicker and do exactly what I ask the first time I ask them, but hey, I no longer feel like crying and rocking in the corner. Winning!

There has been more outside time (though Charlie still prefers the indoors) and I have printed off many Power Ranger and princess colouring pages. I'm not sure what else we've done, oh yes a bit more book time, and a lot more playing with toys. Anyway, it has all been positive and well worth it. Surprisingly the kids kinda just accepted their fate and didn't push back on the new rules. I guess they really can tell when you mean it vs when you don't have the resolve to back your boundaries up. Luckily this Mumma finally means business!

On another note, today is Anzac Day, so thank you to all our service men and women, those who have seen war and those that haven't. I hope that there is no more need for any more lives to be lost or damaged by such sadness. Thank you Dad xxx


I don't know if fireworks are a bit too exuberant for the sombre mood of Anzac Day but this was on the first night of the school holidays (if you don't count friday night) and I had only hours before picked up my new camera and then there were surprise fireworks in the city. The new camera is very exciting!!

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  1. It is lovely to hear that the children are sooooo much better with less screen time. Also that the turn around was not traumatic. This has definitely been a win, win situation. It sounds as if the children are happier also. : )
    Congrats on the photo, it looks great and I thought it was a cut and paste, bad me. I am also glad you are enjoying the new camera.
    GO GIRL. Love from ME