Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Project 52, Week 42

Oh my goodness, only ten weeks till the end of the year! Summer is finally showing it's face, though it is still playing peek-a-boo. Not a lot to report just trying to catch up with life after multiple trips to Perth recently. I am aiming now for only two more trips to the city for the rest of the year. 

Since Ian is working so much I took the kids for an overnight trip to see their Aunties who were at their bush block 2 hours away putting in fire breaks. We checked out the trees they planted 3 and a half years ago to see how much they'd grown since we'd been last (over three years ago! when Mia was a baby).
Look how much they've all grown, kids and trees!
They grow up so quick!


1 comment:

  1. The growing has really been happening, but so beautifully. The weeds have been growing to but not so beautifully.
    With Christmas just around the corner fitting trips in could be difficult. I am just starting to realize, I have cards to do, tree to think about and the dust removal from the reno's.
    It will all happen to some extent, but my other projects may go by the by for a while.
    Enjoy the fun in the sun and the seasons, Cheerio for now.
    Love from ME