Thursday, October 13, 2016

Project 52, Week 40

Week 40 was a busy second week of school holidays mostly spent in Perth going to appointments. We also fit in park time so there was fun to be had too. We checked out the new Robot Park at Piara Waters, the kids enjoyed it but there was a holiday day care group there and it was very busy. 

One of our appointments was to get Charlie's hearing re-tested and I'm happy we got good news. One ear is back in the normal hearing range and the other ear is improved from his first test. So all heading in the right direction there.

I saw a recommended Kineisiologist and that was pretty amazing. I did much less crying than I expected despite the self worth discoveries (or lack thereof which was really no surprise). Why do so many of us struggle with this even without abusive or traumatic childhoods? I am looking forward to healing my next layer of emotional baggage as I step in to my forties. My thirties were much better than my twenties and I'm full of hope that my forties will be the best yet :)

We're back in to the school term now and we've just had our first warm day. Summer I'm glad to see you. 


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  1. Good to hear that Charlie's hearing is getting better. Yes we tend to carry baggage even if it is destructive. Does this mean life gets better as we get older. : ) Glad to hear life has improved for you and as you said hopefully getting better all of the time. : )
    Summer has shown itself, but it appears that winter is holding on to. I want the spring and autumn, I really am not into the cold and wet or the hot and sweaty.
    Love from ME