Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Project 52, Week 41

So I had a birthday ending in 0. I'm not going to complain about turning 40 but it has caused me discomfort all year thinking about it.  I feel better now that it's over. We went to Perth so Ian could take me to a fancy restaurant but by that stage of the day all I really wanted to do was put my pyjamas on and hang out in bed. Is that a part of getting older? Or just being a tired parent? Or should I just view it as Gretchen Rubin would say, as "knowing myself" and the fact that I would have enjoyed a kranski hotdog from the Freo markets and waffles from Gelare twice as much for a tiny fraction of the price? Maybe I'm just a tight arse?! Am I leaving behind fancy restaurants in my thirties? I think I am!

I hope you aren't having as much existential angst about your next birthday as I had! Here's to the best decade yet :)



  1. Yes I hate to say, fancy restaurants are one of my NO - DO NOT WANT TO GO list. After the bill is paid I get a nasty taste in my mouth. : ) I am not sure if as you get older the pomp and ceremony become tedious and a pain in the behind. Glad it is not so bad now that the event is over. ENJOY the next decade and forget about the ending in an 0. It is really just another number. : )
    Love from ME

  2. Happy birthday Margret! I'm feeling a little discomfort at my 40th looming on next year's horizon. I was feeling compelled to get myself back overseas, probably to try to recapture some of my youth. But we really cannot afford it, and I don't particularly want to leave my family behind to do so. So I have decided to take myself solo bushwalking to mark the occasion instead, and meet my family in the forest for a holiday. Combining most of my loves, for free. That kind of knowing yourself is definitely one of the joys of getting older. May your next decade be filled with kranskies, waffles and smiling children. And maybe the occasional fancy meal, but only if you really feel like it! xxx

    1. A solo bush walk sounds perfect!
      Thank you for your wishes, I think that makes for a wonderful sounding decade :) xxx