Saturday, February 13, 2016

Project 52, Weeks 5 and 6

Week 5 was tough!!  It was the first week of school. This is only my second year having a child at school and I get really sad. I was expecting to feel sad so I don't know why I was surprised by actually being sad. I was probably hoping that knowing I was going to feel sad would help me be less sad. Nope. Oh and more summer rain, and first day of school was freezing trying to get photos before class.

Week 6 was easier. We had a wonderful weekend with my Mum and niece visiting. Gosh my kids get excited about their cousins. Well they are precious really, they only have 2 and they aren't getting any more. Unfortunately hubs was in bed all weekend with headcold/dizzyness which he hasn't managed to fully shake a week later. At least it forced him to have a couple of days off.

I hope your back to school has gone well if you are in that stage of life. And I suppose happy Valentines for tomorrow. I'm pretty sure we have exactly zero romantic plans for the day... I would love to go out for breakfast if we had that option here in our town.


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  1. Is this just cheating a little bit? : )
    Hope Hubs is feeling better. HAPPY VALENTINES anyway.
    Cheerio for now. Love from ME