Saturday, January 30, 2016

Project 52, Week 4

Week 4::

We've had very un-summery weather here for January this week, I wouldn't quite say it's been cold but certainly rainy or overcast. It is the last week of school holidays and our wee man starts back Monday, five days a week. I've been anxious about missing him but it has settled down somewhat. Next week when Charlie is in school my plan is to do what I wanted to do in January... get organised and go through a bunch of stuff. I figured that the school holidays with the kids underfoot asking for something every five minutes was not the best time to rip stuff out of the shed and the cupboards!

Hubby working too much, needs to recharge by having at least one day off! That's him top left taking a 3D scan of the side of the house, in hopes of designing and building a deck before my big 4 0 in October.

I'm not sad about the rainy, cooler, overcast weather we've had and I hope you've enjoyed whatever type of weather you've had wherever you are.


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  1. I know it sounds strange, but I am also waiting for the children to return to school to start once again on my de-cluttering. Have made a start on the computer room, it was nearly a match job. : )
    Hope Hubby manages to take a break, we do not want to go back to one day off a month or quarter. : )
    Love from ME