Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Polka Dot Skulls Circle Scarf

 I spotted this skull polka dot fabric as I was headed out the door at Mum's local Textile Traders. I thought it was pretty cool and snapped a photo for Instragram.

A friend liked it and asked if I could make her a scarf. So I did. I actually made two, one with pom pom fringe and one without. One for her and one for her sister. It only took me... ooh, 14 months. Not bad! haha.

Anyway, they're made now, and now that I have photographed and dutifully blogged I can post them off. If you are interested in making your own circle scarf I loosely followed the instructions here on Purl Soho.

It's my beautiful Mother's birthday today. I wish I had this post ready for you to find this morning Mum, Happy Birthday xx



  1. Dearest Margret, I got it and I did write a comment at 5, but it did not publish it for me. : )
    I did ask dad if you no longer did a blog for Mothers Day or birthdays. : ) Glad to see you have got another item off your to do list. Love from ME

  2. You finished it! I'm glad you posted it up here because I didn't get to see it all finished. It looks great, I think the pom poms were a nice touch. I think I need to make one of these for me, I don't have any circle scarves or knitted cowls or anything like that.