Thursday, May 14, 2015

Ermm, Happy Mother's Day?

So my darling Mother doesn't have to see Ian's Muesli every morning when she checks if I've updated my blog here is a quilt I just finished :)
IMG_4274.jpgIMG_4280.jpgIMG_4281.jpg Just like all the other baby quilts I have made except with different fabrics. For a dear friend and her gorgeous baby girl who I'm proud to say has only had one birthday before she'll be receiving her quilt.

Next up I have Charlie's baby quilt which is really not a baby quilt seeing as he'll be five in September (how did that happen?!?!) and is probably single bed size. Am I crazy to be considering hand quilting it?

I wouldn't normally point out faults but you can see how the fabric has pulled with the quilting lines in this quilt so some of the squares do not look "square", it's because I can not seem to get an even feed through my machine, even with the walking foot. So maybe hand quilting is the answer...

I have nearly finished one practice piece of hand quilting. That means I'm ready right?! Well doing Charlie's quilt would give me a lot of practice (and it would be a great 10th birthday present, ha).

We'll see. Any way, Happy Mother's Day for Sunday Mum. I love you xxx. I love the rest of you too xxx.


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  1. It looks great Margret, Perfect is Impossible. It is a pity the walking foot does not work better though. The colours work well. : ) Love from ME
    PS - The new post was still a surprise. : )