Thursday, September 17, 2015

My Mother has been so good, it's been so long since I updated this here blog and she hasn't even reminded me. Perhaps it's because she knows a few of the reasons why....
My computer died and Mia dropped the iPad. I have a beautiful new iMac now so it all ended well. Thank goodness for the automatic back up system Mac's have called Time Machine, I lost nothing! And she knows how sick I got with that stupid flu because she came and looked after me after I got stupid vertigo after having the stupid flu already for over a week.

Enough excuses. I am quickly updating here before I tackle a massive laundry mountain. I wish it was only this big!
But sadly it is piles bigger and sitting on top of my dining table. I could stash it in the guest room but that is a dangerous step in to what flylady calls the stash and dash. I have been doing my flylady routines and my house has never been as clean or tidy. I think I am actually on the road to being organised!! Imagine that, I'm even dusting. If you've never come across her go check out her encouragement and practical steps that help those of us that were not born organised.

I hope you all have managed to keep your immune systems strong and have dodged the awful flu. Looking for silver linings at least getting sick was a good wake up call that I need to be doing more to look after myself.

Much love


  1. Well, what a lovely surprise. As far as the washing goes, a MOTTO - JUST DO IT. As soon as it is done you are free, a bit like your (school) homework, Good to here you are getting on top of things in the home and looking after your health to boot. Love, from ME

  2. Hey there! Its been too long! I haven't had the flu but most of my kids have. We have spent what felt like months at home, isolated from the world while I wash, hang, bring in, fold and put away... And then every now and then the laundry will flood and things get really fun! I'm naturally pretty organised but that doesn't stop me from feeling as though I am drowning in washing most of the time. Hope you got through your mountain and are feeling better. x