Friday, August 22, 2014


We have one more sleep in our old house, the only house these two munchins have ever known or would remember.

I am over the moon to be moving in to our own home, and can't wait to leave behind all the annoyances of living in an old house that needs some love and attention, but I know a part of me will get nostalgic tomorrow seeing empty rooms where we have done so much living.

I wonder how the littles are going to go with it too. We are only moving to the next street in our small town and we have been going to the "new house" since not long after Mia was born, but I suspect there will be some tears when Charlie realises we will no longer be living and sleeping at the "old house".

I'm in total denial over the fact that this is actually our last day in the old house as I've only packed one box from the kitchen and one and a half bookcases..... but I rationalise this by telling myself we're paying three extra weeks rent and it will all be okay. Truth is I think I'm just so overwhelmed I don't know where to start. I'm frozen in inaction :|

I was hoping the guy that has been fitting internal doors all week would be finished by today so I could clean AGAIN and take some after photos before we move all our crap in. I love the spaces without all our stuff cluttering it up, I will use that memory to help with my purging and shedding efforts which I'm happy to report are going rather well.

I hope you'll all be having more fun than I'm anticipating having this weekend.



  1. I thought you were eager to be in your new house. Lucky you are not moving interstate as we have a few times. : ) Just get to or you could be going back and forward to cook a meal and you have lefts something at the other place that you need. You will find stuff you forgot you ever had. : )
    Love from Me

  2. Happy moving Margret! Looking forward to seeing the new place all finished and furnished. Wish I could pop by with a meal for you and have a good stickybeak around! xx

  3. Hooray! I bet you can't believe it is finally here after the big long wait. Hope the moving in is coming along nicely. Just around the corner moving makes things a bit easier packing wise but moving is still a royal pain!