Sunday, September 21, 2014

We're In


But don't be fooled, these photos were taken in my pajamas on the Saturday morning as the first load from the old house was being strapped on to the truck. The new house is still pretty much a disaster. What a trauma! I never want to move again!! Well not for the next ten years at least anyway...

It was a mistake not to pack everything in boxes before we shifted. Large pieces of furniture got shifted on the first day but so much was left behind and then all of that got dragged over and emptied out of its box in order to reuse the box (if it even made it into a box). So much little stuff! It was like a shit explosion at the new house.

All of this wouldn't have been as traumatic if it wasn't for cleaning the old house and weeding and tidying the massive garden that had been only intermittently maintained over the last three years. My mother is a saint. She came twice and weeded that garden by hand from sun up to sun down, for days. Even whilst she was unwell with a cold. I'm not sure that it's right that a 37 year old woman still relies so heavily on her mum, thanks Mum!!! I don't know what I'd do without you!

I will post some lived in photos once it isn't so shamefully disorganised, and hopefully the painter can make it soon to paint all the doors and trim. It is wonderful to finally be here.



  1. It looks so sleek and modern Margret. You would never guess it had been a bowling club once. It looks amazing. I'd love to see what the outside looks like - have you kept the old signage? Happy settling in. Sounds like a trip to the op shop might be in order! x

  2. The start to the move looks really good. It did kind of come off the rails. : ) We all live and learn. Next time the littlies will not be as demanding and I am sure things will run smoother. I will admit it looks lovely and I think you both should be congratulated. Love from ME.

  3. Wow, a whole new fresh shiny new start begins! Congrats to both of you on all the hard work getting it to this point.