Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day

I rang my Mum for Mother's Day this morning. She was telling me how my sister in law asked her what she would like for Mother's Day and her answer was 'nothing' and then 'if you have to get me something, buy me some flowers and look after them for me' I said, 'well I got you the perfect gift...' nothing, that's what I got my Mum for Mother's Day. What I could have done was update this blog, she likes that.

I've had a wonderful Mother's Day, Charlie is three so I've had a couple of Mother's Days but this is the first one that I've loved and felt special (thanks Ian for your effort today!). I came across this idea for a Mother's Day journal* instead of a card and it worked wonderfully. Ian traced the kids hands and drew a few things Charlie wanted, a lizard and a box, Mia says puss so I got a cat as well. I loved it, and Charlie did too, I think he could tell that I really did cherish it.

I even had some time at home alone while Ian took the day off from renovating and took the kids to the park. I thought I might do some sewing, but I enjoyed cleaning out a draw instead. That's where I found this photo of me holding my first niece at my Mum's 50th birthday party. I was 25, almost 26. My Mum is a Dragon in the Chinese Horoscope and she had me when she was 24, which makes me a Dragon too, and I had Mia when I was 36 also making her a Dragon. So there is a line of female dragons running through my family!

Mummy moments I want to remember from right now... Charlie asks me to count 'three honeysuckles' when he wants to hide and be found, I think it comes from the cartoon of Guess How Much I Love You. Mia has just learnt to so 'No' and it is pretty much the cutest thing ever when she gets her little pointer finger pointing and purses her lips and squeaks out nnnnnnoo dragging on the n.

I hope all you Mothers felt the love today. I love you Mum, you are the best xxx


ps. I loved having short hair. Anybody else out there keep their hair long for their husbands??

* via Like Mother Like Daughter (for a non-Catholic I seem to read a lot of Catholic Mothers blogs, I think I must be impressed with the job they do of raising so many children!)


  1. So glad you had a wonderful Mothers Day. Mine was special to. Thank You. Love from ME

  2. Happy Mothers' Day. How nice for you to have a bit of time to yourself, I think that is what I will want for Mothers' Day one day. A sleep in and quietness. My poor future kids, all I will want is for them to leave the house.

    My hair is the longest it has ever been at the moment. It is very slow growing and I've always kept it between short and shoulder length. It's nice to have long hair for once but geez it gets in the way!

  3. My husband prefers my hair short, the way it was when we got married. But he is happy with long for now as getting to the hairdresser is way too hard. Love the journal idea. Happy Mothers' Day to you Margret. We headed out for a surf and then had a fire and a cookout in the backyard as the fire ban was lifted the day before. x