Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Pa Got Married

It was an engagement party turned surprise wedding. We were in on the surprise though. Bridal was the theme and the ladies were requested to wear their own wedding dress or one from the op-shop which is what I wish I had done. I wore my wedding dress and I will never wear it again, for an expensive dress it really has not held up well at all. The boning came out in several places and it poked me painfully until I had to change or be miserable the whole night. So I'm hoping Angel Gowns Australia might be able to make use of it. They cut up wedding dresses and use them to make tiny gowns for prem babies who, as they say, gain their angel wings.

It was wonderful to see Pa (Ian's Dad) so happy and celebrate with him and Ann. They are both in their 60's but they first dated when Ann was 16! It was also wonderful for Ian and I to have our first full night together sans children since Charlie was born. Grandma picked them up from the wedding and delivered them back to us Sunday morning. We slept in our tent in the rain, it was nice and cozy. Grandma said it all went fine :) It's nice to know Ian and I can go away for a night now. Just one night though as I am still breast feeding. But still, a night!!

Oh, and I got eyelash extensions. I love them. Though my natural lashes are not good apparently. They would break off/fall out with out any provocation from the beautician. I am booked in for refills so we'll see if my lashes are any healthier by then. I have started taking MSM and hope that will help. I'm really not good at taking vitamins and have let myself get a little run down I think. Or I just have crappy lashes! Anyway, Ian thinks it makes me look like I'm wearing mascara all the time, and he doesn't love it. So if I can or I can't keep them it doesn't matter, they make me feel pretty though.

Anyway, I hope you are all well!


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  1. What a nice surprise. Glad it all went well. Love from ME