Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. Even I have had some, which is unusual as I don't care much for chocolate (strange woman!) and I chucked a sad tonight when I realised Ian had eaten all the Picnics out of the Favourites box :( ha!
I made hot cross buns for the first time. They turned out pretty well.
We have been making progress on the bowling club with Ian taking the three days off between Easter and Anzac Day. Tomorrow we will be able to use the toilet that got set today! The first bathroom will be ready for people to use over the Anzac Day long weekend when we have a group of friends and family coming to give us a hand and camping out on the old greens. Hopefully that will see most of the painting done :)

We have missed our Easter move in date and are now hoping to move by end of financial year. Last year I liked the Foxtel add for their end of financial year sale EOFYS and am hoping for our our own EOFYS... End Of Financial Year re-Settlement! If not, Ian's birthday is in August and if we miss that too then hopefully we can be in for my birthday in October :|

We will get in sooner or later and I hope the extra waiting makes me appreciate it even more!

Sorry I make you wait so long between posts Mum!


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  1. I know you have had your plate full, but it is nice to have a news flash on the morning email routine. Good to see Easter went well. Love from ME.