Monday, March 24, 2014

We Made It

It was a bit of a rough night for these two (and my parents) and a bit painful in the morning for me, but we all made it through and I think we are the better for it.

I enjoyed my time out and sleeping through the night, and I honestly didn't think about Mia all that much. I did wonder how things were going at Mum's but didn't dwell on it. If I did, I would have upset myself by calling home to find things really weren't going well, just as I suspected. Best not to think about it... best just to enjoy a couple of wines with dinner at Deca Bodega...

I woke up early and quietly scrolled through Facebook on my phone so as not to wake the bride. I was rewarded with a hashtag rich account of Ian's night. For your enjoyment he has given me permission to include it here...

Margret normally co-sleeps with the kids... And I sleep in a seperate bed so I can get some sleep #sadiknow... But tonight she is spending the night with the lovely Charlotte before her big day tomorrow (well today now)... So for the first time I get to co-sleep with the kids #challengeaccepted... Charlie has been fine #whatalittlechampion... Mia on the other hand #devilincarnate took more than an hour of crying to go to sleep #OMG... And has woken up every1/2 to 1 hour for a good 5-15 minute cry. The only way i can get her to settle is put my arm under her head #outlikealight . Fine but i cant sleep with her on my arm... Wait for her to fall asleep #sucker. Then try extract my arm roll over and try go to sleep, all without waking her up #doesntallwayswork....

#challengenumber2 i normally use a CPAP machine when i sleep so i dont snore and have a better nights sleep. This entails wearing a mask over nose with an air hose attached. The first time she woke up after i put it on #shefreakedthefuckoutdotcomdotau #whoareyouandwhatthefukdidyoudowithmydad. So off it came in a hurry. #shegotoveriteventually #sheeventuallywentbacktosleeponmyarm... Until.. #dadstartedsnoring #whatthefukisthatnoise? Arm under the head. Sleep. Extract the arm. Nope wake up start again. Finally i roll over #onmysidesoidontsnore and get some sleep #bliss #nopeisnoreonmysidetooawesome.

So here we are 4:42am and i have managed maybe 2 hours sleep #ineedsleep #OMGMia #dontknowhowyoudoitMargret #boobswouldhelp #hopeyouenjoyedmylongassstory #hopeyoumanagedachuckleatmyexpense #toomanyhashtags?

He felt better after getting all of that off his chest. My mum is proud of him for not getting angry or losing his cool all night. I'm proud of him for sticking with it and not handing her over to my Mum to deal with.

So that's how our weekend went. We didn't end up going to Sculpture By The Sea, next year I'm going to plan a specific trip just to see it.



  1. It is a good read. Although I have read it before. Hope being home, with no planned trips is a good feel. Love from ME.

  2. Oh they need to experience it just once, don't they? Glad you had a good night! I decamped to the spare room on Saturday for a full night's sleep and felt ever so much better for it, although the mattress put my back somewhat out of alignment. I was so tired I didn't even hear Thea crying, but she and her dad managed okay.