Sunday, March 11, 2012

Duke of Orleans Bay


We are just back from a week of camping at 'The Duke' Orleans Bay caravan park 88km's east of Esperence. We had planned on staying for 2 weeks but the Mr isn't a good sleeper at the best of times and our crappy mattresses just weren't cutting it. Even I, of the Sleep Anywhere Tribe wasn't enjoying their pathetic cushioning.

Despite less than refreshing sleep it was a good trip and we're glad we've finally seen Esperence and the beauty that is Cape Le Grand national park.

We had a couple of deliciously massive burgers at the Condingup Tavern and got a shock at our $20 two drink round. Great food and good service though.

And I committed to partaking of a cheesy cauliflower pie from the French Hot Bread Shop everytime we made the drive to Esperence. Delicious!

Condingup is the tiny town at the turn off to the caravan park, they have a nice community centre and a church I wonder if gets used.


I'm not sad about being home early, I'm hoping having the Mr at home and occupying Charlie some of the time helps me get on top of the house. If anyone has suggestions for camp mattresses please let me know.



  1. It is ten years since we last visited but I still have very fond memories of cake at the Taylor St Tearooms and a farm with amazing tortes cooked by a German lady on the way to Cape Le Grande. Looks like you had lovely weather!
    We have always used self-inflating therm-a-rest mattresses. The boys have our old 3/4 length hiking ones and we upgraded to full length. They are very comfortable, pack down small and inflate quickly. Hope you are enjoying being back home in your own bed now. xx

  2. The Barbers are from Condingup! That's where Tony B grew up!!! Looks like a fun trip! Miss you! Han x