Tuesday, March 20, 2012



I am all about recycling. I love seeing "waste" rescued and transformed into something useful. And my mother will tell you I've always been a bit of a tree hugger, so I couldn't put my hand up fast enough when our playgroup asked for volunteers to be trained by Agsafe for the collection of old chemical drums in their awesome drumMUSTER program. (The playgroup gets so many cents per container collected)


Basically, farmers use a lot of chemical and need a way to dispose of the drums they come in. The farmers rinse out residual chemical from the drums, we inspect them to make sure they have been rinsed out, and then they wait at the depot until the shredding truck comes that breaks the drums down for transport. The plastic gets made in to all sorts of useful stuff like wheelie bins.


Steel containers as you can see, are also collected.


Since its inception in 1999 almost 24 000 tonnes of recyclable material has been kept out of landfill. Go drumMUSTER!


We had a collection day yesterday, it makes me happy that these drums aren't clogging up our landfills or collecting in a stockpile uglying up someone's farm.


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  1. Great program. Farmers and country folk are pretty progressive when it comes to this kind of thing, aren't they?