Friday, February 24, 2012

Icecream for Breakfast


Not as bad as it sounds. I've been pushing frozen bananas through my Champion juicer and it spits it out banana icecream Mr Whippy style.


I like to add maca powder and healthy sprinkles for crunch. Maca is purportedly a superfood and I like the way it takes the edge off the sweetness of the bananas. This would be an all 'raw' breakfast if it wasn't for those chocolate sprinkles.


Speaking of superfoods, I've been listening to David Wolfe in the car, and I got to meet him after a lecture once. Charlie was a growing in my belly in this photo.


I've never felt better than when I was a raw foodist. I want to get back there, but you're weird enough being a vegetarian out here.



  1. Yum! I wandered over here from Fox's Lane and, hello, found my old Living Smart buddy! Where in the wheatbelt are you living? We spent many happy family camping holidays at Duke of Orleans Bay growing up, and will be there for Christmas this year. It is just beautiful. Have fun. xx

  2. Hi, thought I might introduce myself - I've heard a lot about you from Gay! I'm Megan, Gay's youngest's girlfriend. Banana 'icecream' for breakfast sounds delicious, especially with those pepitas and chocolate sprinkles. I have been having banana smoothies with yoghurt, milk, honey and chia seeds a bit lately. What is maca like? And what is it good for? I'm looking into spirulina at the moment but waiting to hear from my doctors about whether it is okay to take it.

    1. Hi Megan, I'm so happy you stopped by. Gay says we'll get on like a house on fire, so I'm hoping to meet you some time when you're in town :)
      I find Maca delicious, but probably more now than when I started. It would be so easy to add it to your breakfast smoothies. Off the top of my head it is good for fertility and balancing hormones, but so much more than that. It is an adaptogen so it helps if you are low in something or high (if that makes sense).
      I just did a quick search and this is what Herbs America had to say...

      An adaptogen is a substance which raises the non-specific resistance in an organism.

      Adaptogens enable the body to enhance its power of resistance and adapt to external conditions.

      They work with the body's natural rhythms to help rebuild weak immune systems, re-mineralize poorly nourished bodies, and increase energy and endurance.

      David Wolfe thinks spirulina is great and also chia seeds. I sometimes have chia seeds in nut milk like sago pudding, had it this morning, yum!