Monday, February 6, 2012

The Weekend

[cafe window heart]

[river realestate]

Oh my we had fun!!

It was great to stay with a friend who is in her own place again, have breakfast at a cafe with a heart shaped smudge on the window mullion, walk to the river gawking at insanely expensive real estate, celebrate one of us architecture graduates being in their own architecturally designed pad and be surprised on the way home with an iPad :) which I am writing this post on sitting on the front porch. It was also nice having the time for an extended chat with the Mr on the drive home. I love him.

The Mr is ready for another baby and now I am ready (iPad in hand) to carry that baby. I remember the first trimester and just not wanting to do anything but sit on the couch. Now I'll be able to sit outside and watch Charlie play while I keep up with my favorite blogs and Internet fun. I still love my MacBook but its no so portable anymore (it needs a new battery so has to be plugged in and it's also plugged in to an external harddrive for photo storage).

Just so many good things this weekend. I hope yours was good too.


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