Sunday, January 29, 2012

Evolution of hair

Charlie has been sporting some pretty funny hair ever since he was born. He used to have a mullet that would 'rats tail' when we dipped it in the pool the right way.

baby rats tail

And it has been going dark in the back for quite some time now...


It looks like he has rubbed the hair out between the two dark patches, but the hair there is just really blonde like it is in the front. Anybody have this happen with their kids?

Maybe he was a hare krishna in a past life :)


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  1. That's gorgeous! My kids have all been superhairy since birth, thanks to their 'Mediterranean' dad, though we did have some back bald patches at the little baby stage - what with all that sleeping on their backs!

    (Found your blog via the rag rug along. I haven't started mine yet...eek...)