Tuesday, July 19, 2011


We're more than halfway through July and I'm posting my June mosaic.


June was
:: a month of panic
:: knowing we had a short number of days at our current rental
:: a flying trip to our new town and a lease agreement signed
:: one week to move
:: unpacking


Only having photos for 9 days out of 31 gives you an idea about how I'm keeping up. But I shan't be discouraged, I can always be better next month.



  1. I love the red stripey hoodie picture - gorgeous! And June seems to have been a busy month for you guys - hopefully it has calmed down now you're living in the country, hopefully at a country pace!!

  2. I hope you've settled in nicely in your new home by now, it sounds like it has been a stressful time for you.
    I love the picture of that little chubby foot. Cute!