Wednesday, July 20, 2011

$700 +

Here is a collection of things I would much rather spend $700 on rather than my 'WTF' how did that happen?!! phone bill.

Hang it all

Ptolomeo standing bookcase
Image source [Apartment Therapy]

I wasn't sure if this exercise would make me feel better or worse. I trawled my pinterest boards for things that I want and it appears I'm really not that wanty, so that is nice, but I still want to cry at the thought of all the other bills we need that $700 for.

Telstra please take pity on my stupid ass. The stupid ass that should have looked at the call rates when it changed carriers. I have never, ever, even come close to getting near my cap in the past, let alone blown past it by over seven hundred dollars.

Pretty please

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