Wednesday, May 4, 2011



The Mr has been sleeping in the spare room for a month or so now to see if it would help him feel more refreshed in the mornings. It is helping a little. I knew the wee man and I were disturbing him but now I know he was also disturbing us. The first week I really missed him, but I got used to it and it has given me the opportunity* to co-sleep with the wee man... and I LOVE IT!

It's just lovely to have the wee man so close during the night. It feels very natural to have him sleeping cuddled up next to me and I'm not at all worried about smothering him, I'm very aware of his presence, but it doesn't hamper my sleep. I think it enhances my sleep because I'm reassured by his proximity and feeling his little chest rising and falling with his breath and knowing that he is warm enough and safe in my arms (especially since the nights have turned cold).

Wee man wakes up just as much but I don't have to get up and get him out of the cot when he does, he either resettles himself or its just a quick side lying breastfeed and we're done (I couldn't do this before because it used to give the wee man the gomits, and I'd be wiping up chuck off the floor and myself all day) so I am not feeling as tired, which is great!

There are a couple of other girls in my mother's group who co-sleep, so I'm glad it is becoming more mainstream, and I highly recommend it.


*You can co-sleep with both parents in the bed but my Mr was not comfortable with this, worrying that he might roll on the baby and hurt him. We compromised with a sidecar set up on my side of the bed (a 3 sided cot pushed up to the bed with mattresses level).

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