Friday, March 11, 2011


the wee man passed the 6 month mark this week, where does the time go??

6 months
A quick look at where we're at...

- I've never slept less in my life, but I'm coping better than I ever thought I would.

- The cot has been pushed away from the bed and the fourth side has been attached to it. I wanted to co-sleep but wee man sleeps better in his own space (though you wouldn't guess it by the following).

- Naps have shortened to 45 minutes and last night he woke up every 45 mins. I hope this is just temporary and related to teeth?

- One tooth, bottom LHS. Probably the sleep thing is teeth related, he popped another between writing this and posting.

- Wee man enjoys a quarter of an avocado for dinner and likes to try and drink my drinks out of my glass.

- We have not done EC as I would have liked but wee man is pretty regular with his BM's and we generally catch them first thing in the morning in the laundry trough.

- Still sporting his baby mullet and not much else in the hair department.

- Weighs about 8kg but I prefer to carry him in the hug-a-bub over pushing him in a pram.

- Baths are outside on the back deck in the tummy tub, this may change soon as he grows and the weather cools down.

- Fingernails seem to grow at the speed of light and are kitten sharp.

- He still gomits (niece for vomit)

- I wish I had taken more photos when he was tiny.

so, does this gig get easier or harder? I've been told both.


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