Sunday, July 25, 2010

Granny Gold!

My mother's mother (Granny) has just moved from her residence of the last 25(?) years from a small coastal country town to live in a granny flat built for her at my Aunts country block. Granny flat sounds small doesn't it? It's not, bigger than our flat it is!

I wanted to visit the house and the town I hadn't seen since I was about 12 before the move, so Mum, Dad and I went down earlier in the year to help Granny start getting organised.

Granny prefers to chrochet these days, so I happily saved her the task of having to pack these pattern books and other goodies.

 [one of the transfers from the red Semco booklet in the first picture]

The patterns are all draft yourself instructions like this. I'll probably learn a thing or two about pattern making and hopefully have fun in the process.


  1. Ooo, Enid Gilchrist - they are soooo sought after, you are very lcuky you gran had a collection! Good luck with the sewing.

  2. These are all ridiculously cute!! I especially love the 'play clothes'!

  3. What an awesome collection!

    julie k @