Sunday, May 14, 2017

Lucky Me

Because this lady is my Mum! Today is Mother's Day and Mum won't read this till tomorrow but it is the best Mother's Day present I could give to my Mum. A new post on the blog! I will never forget what Mum always wanted for Mother's Day whenever we asked her, and probably her birthday too, was peace and quiet, just one day of the three of us not fighting or whinging. At the time I thought what an un-consummerist thing to want. But OMG now I get it Mum!! I TOTALLY GET IT.

Love you Mum. You are the most giving, selfless person I know. And I'm proud to be my mother's daughter.

I am now off to watch episode one of season one of Twin Peaks. I've just started my free trial of STAN and am hoping to get through the first two seasons before the new season starts on the 22nd!! Gosh how I loved Agent Cooper, this will totally take me back to high school.

It is also Photoshop Week this week on CreativeLive so I'm going to be torn as to what to watch. So much watching to do!!


p.s. I hope you like your portrait. There are more to come xx 

1 comment:

  1. THANK YOU Margret, love it. The day was good. Enjoy Twin Peaks, I hope the love affair with Agent Cooper has not dwindled, it is kind of upsetting when the love/admiration dies, as it has for me with a few of my idols.
    Good luck with the Photoshop Week.
    Love from ME