Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Project 52, Week 32

The grey grey days of winter! I think I need some light therapy!! At least some projects are getting done. I sanded back that table in the top left picture over two years ago in preparation for painting with chalkboard paint.... then I got the first coat on months ago.... finally it is ready for use before my children are too old to use it. And a special hand quilted baby quilt is trimmed with the binding machined on just waiting for the hand finishing.

We ended the week with a fun trip to Perth for Charlie to play in a half time game at the Dockers vs Adelaide game on Sunday. He enjoyed his boy-time with Dad, and I think he enjoyed the football but I wouldn't really know because I took the opportunity to go on a photowalk in Fremantle :)

Much love


  1. I can really relate to the grey sky, grey person as I suffer myself, I have found a Vit D supplement works well, it does not solve it, but lessens the effect. I found I did not even utilize the time, just moaned. : ) Glad the weekend went well and Charlie enjoyed his game. You are doing well. : )
    Love from ME

  2. Oh, I hear you on the grey skies, and need for light. I am a terrible winter person. Love your chalkboard table, and that quilt is amazing! Sunday was all glorious sunshine down here, and we spent the entire day in the garden, so I hope you had clear skies for your walk in Freo. x