Sunday, July 10, 2016

Project 52, Weeks 25-27

We've been busy with the end of term, and this last week, school holidays. Right now the kids are staying a couple of nights at Grandma's and have spent the last two nights at my Sister's. I caught the train home from the city and have spent the last two solid days working on our family photobook.  Seriously, how can selecting and arranging one years worth of photos take so long?! Next year will be different! I have a feeling I said that last year :/


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  1. All is well. Sometimes we set ourselves up with good ideas, without knowing the challenge within. I look at our photos and think I need to sort them and the task is enormous. Have done it once, got near the end, attention got diverted and it has now been undone. : )
    Cheerio for now, God Bless, take care and BE HAPPY.
    Love from ME