Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Getting There

Kitchen backsplash


At times it feels like we aren't making any progress at the new house and then all of a sudden things are happening. We are so close (well I think we are) but Ian says there is still a lot to do. Since I took the last lot of photos on the weekend the plumbers have been and fitted the sink and taps in the kitchen and laundry and fitted out the ensuite. Now once the electrician comes and finishes his stuff we just need to get the flooring finished and we should be able to move in. There is still all the little things that Ian can see that still need doing, like hanging doors and painting all the gloss work on the trim but all I can see is that we are nearly there!!



  1. It sure is looking good. Looking in on your blog late today. Grandma duties. : ) It is so nice to see all the progress that has been made. Love from ME

  2. We're working on our place too and I just want it to be done. It's no fun living in a construction site. Looks like your place will be lovely!

  3. It is looking absolutely amazing Margret. What a transformation! Looking forward to seeing the finished product. x