Monday, April 29, 2013

Tea Pot Tea Towel



I've picked up quite a few things from the local op shop in our small town, this tea towel being one of them. I thought I would use it to pretty up our kitchen. I think it's an improvement, though my husband didn't notice it when he came home for lunch today (at least that means he doesn't hate it!)

If this were our house I'd rip down that awful wallpaper boarder in a heartbeat and paint the walls. I daydream about how nice it would be to live in a house that was decorated/styled but I'd be happy at the moment to settle for clean.


I have plenty more op shop finds to show you when I get a chance to clean them up and do something with them. I was using this tea towel to dry my dishes, it is linen so does an awesome job. I've been meaning to post about tea towels and how linen is the only way to go (maybe I have already?) Anyway, if I haven't, linen is my hot tip. It actually sucks the water off your dishes instead of frustratingly pushing it around and not really drying.

I hope you're having good op shop juju at the moment if that's your thing.



  1. That is a very cute teatowel! I have a couple of linen ones but they are not well loved enough to dry dishes with any success. I have a really good microfibre one that works the best - although to be honest, 99% of the time the dishes airdry themselves...

  2. Hey Madge,
    Whilst you are opshopping if you ever see any icecream things let me know- i collect anything icecream related!!!
    see you soon Mel.

  3. that tea towel design looks so familiar. Maybe my nanna or mum had one back in the day