Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I love you


The last week or two have been quite testing with out little man. I guess the arrival of Mia and the diminished attention that goes with that is catching up with him. We dropped his nap in the last couple of months too, so he is sometimes quite wretched by the end of the day. All of this is adding up to a Mumma who is not always handling things with as much grace as she would like.

It's just Murphy's law that one of my (not)finest parenting moments would be in front of an audience that left Charlie crying from a busted lip and myself in need of tears too (they came later). Hopefully the quilting ladies pitied me and didn't judge me too harshly. As I comforted Charlie and someone else comforted the baby I just wanted to crawl under a rock and bawl my own eyes out. I had carelessly dumped Charlie after picking him up off Mia yet again as she was sleeping on the floor of the church fellowship room. He didn't land well and he face planted. I was embarrassed and ashamed because I was too angry to be careful with my little boy. I was upset because I had hurt my child but in the moment I was more upset that I must have looked like a terrible mother in front of all those ladies.

Any way, I started writing this post because I wanted to remember that Charlie told me he loved me for the first time last night as I lay with him waiting for him to go to sleep. After loving someone with all your heart for two and half years it is nice to hear that they love you also, despite your shortcomings as a parent. I love you too mate, I'll try harder.

Anybody got any tips for navigating these trying times?


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  1. Oh Madge, trying times indeed but you gave me goosebumps when writing about Charlie saying he loves you! Its like when there is a kid screaming or having a tantrum at the shops and everybody is staring- i always look at the poor parent sympathetically ços i have been there too. Don't worry you are a Mummy to two little ones and it is to be expected at times and just remember time passes too quickly and it is just a stage...love ya Mel.