Tuesday, February 19, 2013


We had valentines day last week and on the weekend we had another celebration of love. We were lucky enough to attend the island wedding of friends of ours. Such a beautiful wedding I'm still thinking about it. What I loved most was the two people getting married, two of the nicest, most sincere people you will ever meet. I'm so happy they found each other.

[boys melting in their suits]
It was lovely to bask in their reflected glow. We were on the beach which added to the glow so I'm glad we had Mia with us so we got to sit in the front row under an umbrella next to the brides parents. Close enough to see the grooms tears as his beautiful bride came in to view.

[Mia and I waiting in the shade]
"Island Wedding" sounds very grand, and it was a beautiful wedding, but we didn't jet off anywhere. We caught the ferry over to Rottnest (half hour from Fremantle). I haven't been to Rottnest for years. I'd love to spend a week there every year having a family holiday, it's pretty magical. My parents had their honeymoon there when the army still had barracks and accommodation on the island, and I remember holidaying over there as a child in the army digs.

[Bathurst Lighthouse]
The weekend was going to be my first night away from Charlie (2.5yo), but as we were staying away Friday and Saturday nights, Grandma thought two nights was too long for his first time. So he came with us and Grandma caught the ferry over on Saturday morning to babysit while we were at the wedding. When we got back to the unit Charlie was sleeping with Grandma so we slept in the other room and Charlie didn't see us until the morning. Even though he was in the next room, it was my first night not sleeping with Charlie, and I'm counting it!

I hope your weekend was full of love too.


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  1. Looks like magic Maggie. I have so many fond memories of childhood holidays on Rotto and would love for my children to have the same. We had a week there two years ago and will be back this spring (which will likely be this baby's first trip to the city). You look gorgeous. x