Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Just a little 24 week update. I've got a nice little round belly out in front now. From here on in is my favourite part of pregnancy . I actually look pregnant, and I get to feel the little passenger I'm carrying around as they move and wriggle about... and I kinda like people checking out the belly when I'm profoundly pregnant.

The only part I'm not enjoying is the ugly varicose veins showing up on my legs. Ugly and painful. I haven't figured out what I'm going to do in the summer, surely some days I will be too hot and bothered to wear a long dress or skirt to cover them up and pants will be out of the question. I wonder if a spray tan would cover them up much.

Did you get the old varicose veins? What did you do?


P.S. I am posting this at 2.45 am because I woke up too hungry to go back to sleep. I'm back to bed as soon as I hit publish.


  1. Hiya Madge, i just had to comment on this...i got varicose veins the third time around and they were awful! I never had them with the boys and was really scared when i got them! Mine were not painful at all as i've heard lots of people's are, but they were oh so ugly! Mine developed in winter so i did not have to worry about them showing and i just tried not to stay on my feet for too long! Thankfully they disappeared straight away after Matilda was born. I miss being pregnant so enjoy your last months! Although Matilda is an absolute delight and i feel very lucky to have her in our lives! talk soon Mel.

  2. Looking gorgeous!

    Love popping in here for a little dose of wheatbelt life. Canola crops, dowerin feild days and drum musters. Takes me back to my childhood!

    rachel xo

  3. I just get the one pesky varicose vein (which first appeared in my second pregnancy), which goes down after the baby is born but hasn't ever quite disappeared. Legs up the wall at the end of the day was the best way to relieve aching legs. Sudden changes in temperature can be painful - jumping into a cold ocean on a hot day was agonising. Your belly is beautiful Maggie. xx

  4. I have been informed by my lovely girlfriend that varicose veins should be deemed a walk-in-the-park - compared to a VULVA VEIN. GAH!

    (Congratulations, lovely - I am so behind the times on the news front).