Tuesday, August 30, 2011


2011 0827


We celebrated the Mr's birthday and our new home has now been warmed by wonderful friends.  It is still rather chilly here in the evening and so a beautiful orange 44 gallon drum was sourced and cut in half for the comfort of our guests. We had a fantastic time.


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  1. What a gorgeous blog & wow, that drum looks stunning lit up like that. Congratulations on the new home, how delightful. After many years living all around Australia, we plan to buy 100 acres, build a big homestead & bring as much of our Sydney childhood & Darwin lifestyle to Canberra, to show our children the best we can offer them. I can not wait. As a nod to my time as an NT oil barroness, i really should grab a drum (they now call them "205s" but i like 44 Gallon better) for a firepit. Love Posie