Monday, June 12, 2017

Medical Medium and Abraham

I've always been looked at as being a bit different so it doesn't bother me to admit that two of my new favourite places for information are The Medical Medium (Anthony William) and Abraham (a non-physical consciousness accessed by Esther Hicks). Anyway I can't help myself from telling everyone I come across that has a condition or illness to read Anthony's books so they can heal.

I asked The Universe/God for answers about my fingers after I was fearful that they were showing arthritis at an early age. I'm only 40 and I have a long life of doing things planned out for these hands, and I felt like my body was betraying me or at the least letting me down. I am so grateful that I came across Anthony William who showed me differently, your body is always protecting you, it never forgets its job and attacks you as they say it does with autoimmune disease. He has written two books so far and I can't wait for his third book to be released late this year. The information in his books and on his blog and radio show is pure gold. I now feel like I have the answers I need to heal my fingers. I have started with celery juice and am including more fruit back in to my diet. I am cutting down on (and hope to eliminate eventually) dairy and eggs and will be vegetarian again (at some point!). I'm taking baby steps to make sure my new habits stick before I make the next change. I have given up my beloved greek yoghurt. I have lost a couple of kilos and I am not as bone crushingly tired as I have been in the past.

The hubby and I are going through a bit of a tough time negotiating with each other what out lives are going to look like in the near future. I find listening to Abraham and Esther on YouTube helps to keep me grounded and grateful for my present moments while letting go of my worries for the future. I am trying to let go and trust the universe that our lives can be so much more than what they are now if I will only let go of the perceived security of the house and community we live in. I remind myself that I've felt this fear of change before, like when I left my government job with the post office to study architecture at University. I was scared to leave the security of my job but leaving was the best thing I could have done and has added so much to my life.

I would love to hear your healthy coping mechanisms for tough times if you have any. I like this moon mediation that Anthony William recommends and am going to give it a try. Though last night when I walked over to the next street to pick up our dog that keeps wandering off to go visit her best friend I couldn't find the moon and it wasn't cloudy! I must remember to look tonight and make a habit of it. Here is Buffy (the black one) with her best friend Skittles.

Much love to you


  1. Sounds really interesting and I a glad it is working for you.
    Good luck with any plan you go with. Yesterday is history and tomorrow is a mystery. Que sera sera what ever will be will be, it is our destiny.
    Is our tree hugging hippie going to become out tree hugging Gypsy?
    It is great to see Buffy so happy with her friend Skittles.
    This is my second attempt. Cheers for now.
    Love from ME

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