Thursday, January 5, 2017

Project 52, Week 52!

Made it! Good bye 2016, hello 2017!!

We had a visit from Nanny and to finish the year off my friend and neighbour came over and let me photograph her. Turns out you can only watch so much Sue Bryce before you can't help but believe in your self. I love watching her so much I bought the subscription to her education site and my word of the year is PHOTOGRAPHER! I haven't done of word of the year since 2013, the year Mia was born, which was "survive". I needn't have had such low expectations for coping with 2 babies, it was much easier than expected thank goodness.

I hope your expectations for 2017 are high!


1 comment:

  1. New Year and a new Topper. : )
    I hope the New Year is progressing well.
    Nice to see Nanny made a visit. The littlies would have enjoyed that.
    Go with the word. I have never done a word for the year. Maybe mine should be DO or maybe FINISH. : )
    Cheerio from here.
    Love from ME