Friday, June 17, 2016

Project 52, Week 23

Week 23 contains two weekends as it's the change-over week to my new Monday to Sunday week numbering system. One weekend we had friends visiting over the Western Australia Day long weekend and the other we had nothing on and so got to painting the last side of the house! Finally!! Charlie had his first school social at the local hall and I'm cross that one of the older kids said over the PA during musical bobs that jumping is not dancing :( ..... 5 year olds do not need rules about dancing!!

We also had the pest guy come and treat the house for the white ants we found weeks ago and Charlie had a hearing test that showed he has hearing loss from fluid buildup behind his eardrums. We're hoping that once the fluid is gone his hearing is restored. Passport photos were taken against the wall in the dining area, so hard to take a nice picture when you aren't allowed to smile :/ I'm wondering if my application will be rejected on the grounds that I had my head tilted to side, because my eyes are at totally different heights on my face! If facial symmetry is supposed to equal beauty there went my modelling career haha.

And that is me caught up until Monday :)



  1. Glad the home painting is done now. Hope the musical bob comment has not had a bad affect on the littlies, who like to dance with jumps in the repertoire. Good to hear the white ants are going to get a serve, hope the stations go in to. It does not sound go good about the fluid build up. Is there something you can do to help disperse the fluid? Hope so. Nice to here the to do list is being dealt with to. Do not think I am being too good with my to do list.
    Love from ME

  2. Mia's passport photo is completely adorable. We had our first roller disco down here on the weekend. So much fun! Hope Charlie's ears get better soon. Thea's were bad for a year or so when she was younger, and I know there were times when she could not hear me but she managed fine. xx

  3. A roller disco!! That would be so fun. I've Charlie booked in to see a naturopath during the holidays and we've done an ayurvedic treatment which I think has helped :)