Thursday, January 15, 2015

Baby turns 2


This time two years ago I was in denial that I was having contractions and was actually in labour (you can read Mia's birth story here). And now Mia is having her afternoon nap and sleeping off a wee bit of celebratory sugar....

A very casual lunch with a couple of her little friends and blowing out of candles and Mia is pretty happy with this birthday thing.

The rest of the cake has been given away because Ian is off sugar and apparently my children don't like chocolate cake! The cake was pretty delicious and very easy. I have been wanting a piece of chocolate cake, specifically the kind that is usually available at random road houses and mostly for the icing, but the petrol station at York has failed me the last two times I've stopped in. I had to take  matters in to my own hands. Luckily the icing was spot on.


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  1. Well that would have to be new, not liking chocolate cake. Glad you enjoyed it Margret. At least you know what to buy if you want it for yourself. : ) Glad Miss Mia had a good party. Love from ME