Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I made butter!

IMG_6600 IMG_6602 

And I'm ridiculously excited. I know it isn't very groundbreaking, it is so simple, but the fact that I got around to it and actually made butter makes me really happy. It's kind of like alchemy, you take one product and just by beating it you get two different products. Who knew you ended up with buttermilk as well? Now I'll have to make buttermilk scones to use up the buttermilk I've got stashed in the freezer. I should also make a pav with all the egg whites in there too, a little trick I learned from Nigella (the egg whites not the pav).

I also made yoghurt for the first time, another super easy thing to do, I don't know how successful it has been though, I had a quick taste tonight and think it will need a little sweetener, maybe it will taste better when it is more chilled.

Does making from scratch give you a thrill too?


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