Sunday, November 25, 2012

Another Trip

Another 4 weeks of growth. Thirty four weeks now.

Charlie in the car window, wondering what's going on. One week and one day left at home, before heading to Perth to wait for baby.

A fun but hectic trip to Perth. Friday night hotdogs and uni mates. Saturday appointments, the Jacaranda Festival in Applecross, and an evening stroll down the Vic Park strip and Indian dinner* to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary this week. Sunday breakfast and lunch dates and a 4th birthday party in the afternoon before heading home. Charlie and I both have some catch up sleeping to do.

Hope you had a fun filled weekend full of friends too.


*If you like butter chicken, Ian reckons it was the best he's ever had and I always like the malai kofta. Jewel of the Park, Albany Hwy.


  1. Enjoy your last week at home with your little man Maggie. Not long to go now! xx

  2. Pheweee, that is a busy weekend! I would have been having some catchup naps as well. Enjoy your last week in the comfort of your own home, hopefully bub comes on time for you :)