Monday, August 20, 2012

June + July

June Mosaic

July Mosaic

In June and July...
:: we stayed at home and didn't travel to Perth
:: I got over first trimester seediness
:: I got a Thermomix!! which I love :)
:: I got  a cleaner!! which I love :)
:: We got excited about the revised design for the new house we're hoping to start building soon.

So, the last two months have been cold but good. I'm definitely looking forward to warmer weather coming.



  1. Look at you, you're up to date! Thermomix and a cleaner, how lovely!

  2. I was about to say the same! Up to date, hooray. And yay for the thermo and cleaner too. xx

  3. Sounds so exciting...building, growing babies and a thermomix (whoa, bit jealous here!) I am so looking forward to spring too. That photo of the rose with dew on is really lovely!