Sunday, April 29, 2012



After watching the Mr play, I realised I couldn't watch every week and not want to play myself. So.

I played my first game of hockey ever yesterday. Funny really since I went to a high school that specialised in hockey.

I don't think I did too bad. Though I definitely need to work on my fitness, all that running!!


 Watching the men's game. Do you like the way my nail polish matches my stick?

Charlie hockey strip

Charlie with his own adorable tiny stick (thanks Grandma!).

No photos of the game yesterday, these are all from the men's Anzac Day game during the week. We did stop on the way home to photograph burning off in the paddocks though.



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  1. That is wonderful Maggie. Such a nice, wholesome, country game, I think! I always wanted to play at high school, but the boarders had the teams covered between them. Look forward to seeing some muddy action shots of you come winter. x