Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fabrics and Quilts

I popped into the fabric store the other week and was seduced by this bundle of Anna Maria Horner flannels.

I am planning on a making it into a baby quilt for the bun in the oven. Only problem is we wont know what we are having until we have it, and there is a heck of a lot of pink in that there bundle. There is also blue, grey and green, but I don't think that will be enough to dilute the pink if we end up having a baby of the male variety.

I was convinced we are having a girl, however my brother's wife has very prophetic dream visions and every time she sees me in her dreams I'm holding a boy baby who's the spitting image of DH. Hmmm.... I could always keep the quilt for myself, those flannels look so soft and snuggly.

And I haven't forgotten about my poor unfinished denim quilt, that perle cotton right up there on top of the bundle is how I plan to get over the problems I've had trying to machine quilt it. I think the king sized monster of a quilt is just too bulky to work nicely with my machine, or my sisters machine, even with the walking foot on and a new denim needle. I've never quilted by hand before, but it has to be better than this.

See that bunching on the back?! argh! I've unpicked it once already, and let me tell you distinguishing between black thread on black fabric can be a little tedious to say the least. Plus in this photo I only made it a little way down, this time I quilted the entire length!

I've never made a big quilt before, have you? how do you quilt them?


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  1. I'm off to a Basting Party on Thursday. Someone is going to show me how to pin quilts and stuff. There will be chocolate biscuit involvement. I will no doubt then be returning two weeks later for the How The Hell DO You Quilt The Thing Party. I'll get back to you...