Friday, February 26, 2010

Praying for rain

Oh God, please, please, pretty please make it rain. I don't really ask for much but if you could please make those clouds up there pour forth a cool drenching rain that would be ace.


When I went to bed after midnight last night it was still 32' C. Which means there was no opening of the windows to let the flat cool down overnight. It's been like this all week and I'm finally at cracking point. I must be, I sent DH a message saying lets buy an air-conditioner, and I HATE air-con. It makes me too cold and the greenie in me worries about all the power usage adding to our climate change issues, plus DH runs hot so he likes to use it ALL the time, even when I am quite comfortable without and think it is totally unnecessary. Having no air-con means we can't fight about weather we have it on or off.

Please God, you don't want us to get an air-conditioner do you?



  1. Yeah, God. Listen please. Because if you do the rain thing then there will continue to be harmony in two households* and a lot less eco-guilt.

    * except it's gorgeously cool and sort of almost maybe autumnal here. Hope things have improved!

  2. I've asked our rain clouds if they could please give you a visit :-)