Tuesday, October 20, 2009

On the shelf

I am playing along with meet me a mikes 'My Place & Yours'. This is my first play along, and the theme this week, On the Shelf.

Here is part of our wedding present from my parents.

They are by Fremantle ceramics artist Fleur Schell. DH and I actually had a tussle over this, I wanted something meaningful, something we would pass on to our children, he thought we should ask for something practical, like a dishwasher. I'm glad I won, I think he is too.

[don't look too closely, I have to dust]

All the houses I've visited and really loved have been artist's homes. I think they have a lovely feel, and I think part of that must be all the art they have in them. I started buying art quite late, but now I love it. I don't have a lot, but I would like to own a piece by all of the artists that I know personally. Fleur is the Mr's cousin.



  1. Oh WOW. Those are cool - and such a lovely interesting wedding gift. WAY better than a dishwasher, although I am also a fan of those! Thank you for joining in with us! x

  2. What an interesting Wedding gift .I really like your shelf!

  3. Pah! to dishwashers - your wedding art is beautiful. Even if it doesn't quite enable you to exclaim nightly like my Mr: "I'm doing the dishes!" (as he sits reading a book with a glass of wine. He doesn't tire easily of such novelty).

  4. What a gorgeous wedding gift! Surely to last a lot longer than any appliance!