Friday, August 23, 2013

Strawberry Stains

Mia is seven months and we are letting her have tastes of things and play with food. I'm not in a hurry to have her on solids and am happy to keep breastmilk as her number one source of nutrition for now. So since she is feeding herself she is eating a little but most of it goes on her and the floor.

She had strawberries the other week, and I thought that jumpsuit would be stained beyond repair. But no! I found this hot tip for getting out strawberry stains, and I couldn't believe how awesomely it worked.

Go here for the full instructions but I just soaked the romper in a bucket with liquid detergent (only had wool wash) and a splash of vinegar for half an hour. And just with that, all gone, miraculous. It was a fresh stain though. I have another suit about a week old that I need to get to. We'll see how that one goes.


Wednesday, August 21, 2013


2013 July Mosaic

:: lots of orange highlighter on the calendar (days in Perth)
:: my first time in an operating theatre
:: fluffy mail (our first woven wrap)
:: cutting off the TV and iPad for the wee man after a massive meltdown
:: Alt J concert
:: our first chooks
:: new roof on the bowling club
:: slab down for the shed

Winter has been good this year. The farmers in our pocket of the wheatbelt have had good rains, and I have not felt the cold like I did last year, which is funny since I was pregnant then and I thought that was supposed to give you an extra degree or two. No snow jacket inside for me this year! Hope you've managed to stay warm.


Saturday, August 17, 2013


June 2013 Mosaic

:: cutting first two teeth
:: bowling green warming
:: Scott and his caravan
:: first ever family photo session (and not the family I made but the family I came from!)
:: packing up the father in laws house in Gingin - sold!
:: walks about town with Charlie on his trike. So cute.
:: the big snip

I've had this post (with out photos) ready to go since early July!! I was feeling slightly organised, ha! Another drink got spilled on my beloved laptop, this time my fault (an alcoholic beverage on a Friday afternoon) and it finally gave up the ghost. I am on a new to me iMac but I haven't loaded it with my timemachine backup of the laptop yet. Still googling how to get it back to factory settings/looking for my operating system disk...

Anyway, heaps to share, and I am one step closer to organisation, I've had my very first dishwasher for a week now and I am in love!